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Call for Papers for the 7th Annual Conference in Political Economy

Call for Papers and Activist Proposals

7th Annual Conference in Political Economy


Political Economy: International Trends and National Differences

 Νέα εικόνα

September 7 – 9, 2016

School of Economics & Management, University of Lisbon (Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão)


The economic crisis that has been unfolding since 2007 has had a severely asymmetric impact both within and between countries. There can be no dispute that the cost of the crisis has been especially high for the peripheral countries and for the world’s poor, women, the old, the young, and the disabled: the crisis itself, and the recovery strategies implemented in most countries, have tended to reinforce the hierarchies of privilege under neoliberal capitalism.

The main schools of political economy have examined the crisis and its implications in detail. Those studies have offered valuable insights supporting further academic analyses and, most importantly, informing political action to undermine the reproduction of neoliberalism.

The Seventh Annual Conference in Political Economy will review the development of political economy in response to the crisis, and the emergence and renewal of political economy in different countries and regions. In doing this, this Conference will:

  • Examine emerging traditions, and compare and contrast their approaches and insights with those of existing schools of political
  • Contribute to the further enrichment of political economy in the context of the ongoing crisis and the apparent, if uneven, loss of dynamism of global
  • Highlight the points of contact between political economy and the modalities of activism that have prospered since the onset of the global

Proposals for presentations on all aspects of political economy are welcome. Those focusing on activism, and on the contributions of different traditions, regions and countries, are especially encouraged.

IIPPE welcomes the submission of (a) proposals for individual papers (which IIPPE will group into panels), (b) proposals for panels, (c) proposals for streams of panels, or (d) proposals on activism.

To submit a proposal, please go to the following Electronic Proposal Form, and carefully follow the complete instructions there. All deadline dates are included on this Electronic Proposal Form.

For more general information about IIPPE, the working groups and the conference, please visit our website.

We look forward to another productive IIPPE conference in Lisbon, The Programme Committee,

Al Campbell Alfredo Saad Filho Niels Hahn